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Servergate specialise in a Dedicated Server and Private Cloud Services.

When you are looking for any type of server for your application Servergate Team will do it best to deliver product which will suit your needs.

We can offer Servers as simple as managed or unmanaged single dedicated machine with or without pre-installed Virtual Environment allowing our clients better utilise available resources.

We can provide our customers with single dedicated server up to a Private Dedicated Enterprise Cloud where our customers will have a full Cloud Environment.

Servergate offer Cloud Solutions which can be both cheap and efficient and still deliver very similar options to a high end Cloud environment. Depending on what size and budget our clients have, we can always find a way to deliver the best suited Cloud environment for their needs. Starting from Open Source projects to Enterprise level Clouds based on VMware.

Apart from the above we also provide Web Security Software along with VMware vSphere Backup solutions. Our team is built from experienced technical people with a Systems Administration background who have spent the last 10+ years delivering products to the most demanding customers. Servergate was based on idea of providing a One Stop Shop for people who are looking to have operations in multiple different countries. If your application has clients in many different destinations we can provide you with a server closest to your market. By ordering servers from Servergate you can order them from anywhere in the world all under one account and with one single bill.

Servergate also provides something we call Intelligent Server.One major problem any startup or web developer is facing is budget.
These days many companies are providing virtual servers for a fraction of the price of dedicated servers.

People think that getting a dedicated server is not necessary at the stage they are at and that they can just get a couple of smaller cheap Virtual Machines.
What we are saying is that you can do same with a dedicated server and you are in charge of how resources are split on your server which not only gives you more flexibility, but cost savings as well.

Plus you do not share hardware with unknown 3rd parties due to fact you are in control of both the Dedicated Server and your Virtual environment.
From there you can easily migrate your server to cloud environment whith few simple steps.

Using Servergate Inteligent server you can very easly grow and scale your business from single server up to your own Private Dedicated Cloud.Servergate uses state-of-the-art data center in Europe or the U.S.

Our European Datadock in Strasbourg:

  • Fully-redundant MPLS-loop structure with a total capacity of 550 Gbit/s
  • We connect directly to the Internet backbone via redundant paths in Paris and Brussels
  • All data is transferred with optimum performance and availability

Our US Datacenter in St Louis

  • Date center is located in St. Louis, in the center of the U.S. enabling the best connection from the East to the West Coast
  • Fastest route is automatically selected each time
  • Redundant connects to the backbone guarantee your connectivity
  • Availability is maintained at all times

Our United Kingdom Datacenters:

  • Industry leading infrastructure, N+1 design, 24×7 staffing.
  • All of our UK data centres meet ISO90001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 standards and have the levels of resilience and redundancy you would expect from an organisation responsible for over 30,000 physical appliances.
  • Ensure that your mission-critical servers and hardware are always available, and capable of coping with network demand, by placing them within our robust, scalable infrastructure.
  • A superfast, highly secure, massively scalable, multi-data centre, UK-wide fibre network.
  • Datacenter Location in London, Manchester, Maidenhead, Nottingham, Gosport, St. Asaph, Glasgow and Leicester.

Our Irish Datacenters:

  • Located in Dublin, Ireland
  • Multiple connections with redundancy. (BGP)
  • Backup UPS & diesel backup generator.
  • Emergency 24/7 hands on support.
  • Air conditioned facility.
  • Unlimited IP addresses (Justification required)
  • CCTV recording & 24/7 on-site security.

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