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Servergate offers fully resilient, secure, scalable and highly available(?) managed, private and hybrid cloud solutions, enabling enterprises to scale their own computing, network and storage requirements in real time according to their needs.

Our high availability cloud server platform, has been designed to deliver outstanding cloud server reliability and results. Engineered from the ground up to ensure no single point of failure, from the dual power feeds in each data centre through to your data being written to two separately located arrays, Servergate Cloud really does offer the ultimate enterprise cloud experience.

Using our platform, you can select a pre-configured server template or create your own server images – all containing your applications, libraries, data and associated configuration settings. We can help you plan and architect your solution, then provide a full migration service to ensure that you derive all of the benefits that cloud computing has to offer, from lower costs to a lower carbon footprint, with none of the potential risks.

Unlike with other Cloud Providers, with Servergate you buy resources allocation and you can use them with as many servers as you like.

Servergate Cloud VPS Servers
1 vCPU CloudVPS 12GB40GB SSDUnmetered €47

2 vCPU CloudVPS 2

4GB100GB SSDUnmetered €105

4 vCPU CloudVPS 3

12GB200GB SSDUnmetered €259

6 vCPU CloudVPS 4

16GB300GB SSDUnmetered €365

For instance if you order a 4 Virtual CPU, 8 GB of RAM and 100 GB of storage you are not locked in to a single Server. With Servergate you are in charge of your resources and in given example you can install up to 4 separate Cloud Servers and still only pay for the resources you originally ordered.

If your resources allocation starts to be too small simply let us know and we can allocate more resources to your account. After that you can easily update your existing servers whether they require a bit more computing power or the instalation of additional servers. It’s entirelly up to you how you manage your own resources.

With our managed cloud service, you gain all the benefits of an enterprise cloud platform but with minimal management. Simply tell us what you want and we’ll manage every aspect on your behalf. And of course our managed cloud service still provides you with total flexibility to create, manage and elete your cloud servers as your needs dictate. (mixed use of the words manage/management)

Servergate Cloud service was designed as a high availability platform:

Benefits of the Servergate Cloud:

  • Engineered with no single point of failure
  • Built on Tier 1 technology from VMware, Dell, HP, Cisco and EMC
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement – 100% availability on all infrastructure
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support – staffed by qualified and skilled experts
  • ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited
  • Zero downtime maintenance
  • Fully Managed Shared Hardware Platform
  • On demand virtual servers and storage
  • Fully managed contention and resource
  • Flexibility and elasticity of cloud
  • Totally secure


The Virtual Machine servers are hosted within Tier 3 data center network, consisting of a network of data centers around the UK,
connected by a 40GB dark fiber network.


Scalability, efficiency and simplicity are three ongoing challenges in the storage industry. Storage systems need to provide scalability, extreme efficiency and a simple, intuitive user interface. The Virtual Machine network we offer, includes EMC.

VMAX SANs – the newest technology available – to optimize the cloud storage environment.

The use of Intel processors provides faster clock speeds and more cores to handle the daily demands of storage I/O.

Increased memory capacity, the use of Flash drives in FAST VP (fully automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools), FAST CACHE (acceleration via array cache expansion), a new 6 Gb/s x 2 lanes SAS back end and denser disk enclosures all help provide optimal scalability and efficiency.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Secure and accredited UK data center network and infrastructure
  • Cost moves from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Full control through the simple online Control Panel
  • Easily reconfigurable to cope with fluctuations in demand
  • Simple server configuration – CPU, RAM and storage
  • Clone servers to create new environments
  • Architected from industry leading hardware – Cisco, EMC, HP and VMware
  • Improve business continuity
  • Instant provisioning
  • Fully flexible
  • Maximize capacity
  • High availability
  • Environmentally greener IT services
  • Integration with Cloud Backup solution

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