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Have you been using shared hosting but have gotten to the point where your business has expanded beyond shared host level?

Perhaps you intend to work with highly confidential and secure data in your business, or your business will simply be receiving an increase in traffic over the next few months.

While you might find yourself in a tight spot trying to decide what to do, we at ServerGate have the perfect solution for you!

The answer to your fix is Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Standard VPS Servers
1 Core 2 GB20GB SSD750GB @ 100Mbit/s $9
Bronze VPS

2 Cores

4 GB30GB SSD1TB @ 100Mbit/s $19
Silver VPS

2 Cores

8 GB40GB SSD1TB @ 100Mbit/s $39
Gold VPS

What is ServerGate Standard VPS Server?

The VPS Server provided by Servergate is a Virtual Appliance installed on top of  a physical server with high amount of RAM memory, multiple Processors and SSD Drives in RAID 5 or RAD 10 Array. Standard VPS Servers where build with perfomance and low costs in mind. These small servers are best suited for Corporate pages with small to medium traffic or small to medium traffic Game Servers. If you are just starting your new project and you have tight budged then Standard VPS server is your best possible option.

Servergate Standard VPS servers combines SSD backed drives, high network connection speed and 7 days backup as standard.

Reasons you would need to host on VPS

  • A business expanding beyond a shared hosting level.
  • Expecting increase in traffic to your website over the next few months.
  • The intent to host multiple blogs, sites, or varying applications soon.
  • Plans to include confidential data in your business that needs a high level of security.
  • Your website is slow and you need better performance.
  • When you’re looking for exemplary stability and performance.
  • Starting a new Project which requires stable and high performance server.

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